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UVollé-VC compact bi-spectral UV-Visible video camera pinpoints, displays and records corona and arcing during daytime.

Enhanced features include:

  • large transflective LCD
  • visible zooming
  • UV zoom
  • corona event counting
  • auto and manual focus
  • corona color control
  • playback of the recorded media
  • Built-in powerful led flashlight
  • GPS, temperature & humidity interface

Operation is simple: turn on - aim - shoot - store. The output is precise and reliable and contains the relative corona strength. UVollé provides immediate information in real-time of the asset condition and is recommended to be included in every predictive maintenance toolbox.

Light and Compact

Ergonomically designed for comfortable single hand operation. Carried by a padded shoulder strap. Turn on, aim, shoot and store video clips and still pictures.

VC Pinpoints Corona

The detected corona and arcing are displayed accurately in their original settings. Visible and UV zoom boost detection instances.

UV Events Counter

Corona events are counted and displayed to designate the relative strength.

Built-in Video & Image Recording and Playback

Recorded video clips and stills are internally stored on a removable flash memory card and displayed as a gallery with playback option.

Visible Zoom

Visible zoom allows a closer inspection of the corona emitting source.

Rainbow Corona

Preferred corona color can be selected to accommodate for various scenes or match individual preferences.

Smart Power Management

A single Li-Ion rechargeable battery ensures more than 4 hours of operation

Full Solar Blind

Ofil's proprietary exclusive lenses and optical filters guarantee full solar blindness during daylight and clear imaging of the corona phenomenon.

Corona Magnification

Digital UV zoom magnifies corona events without affecting their original location and counting values.

Easy to Operate

Most frequently used functions have direct press buttons, while iconized on screen menu provides access to additional functions. The iconized menu is simple to understand and use.

UVolle-VC contlrol buttons UVolle-VC front view


  • Close-up Lens
  • Wide FOV Lens
  • Corona Base Reporting Software
  • Temperature & Relative Humidity Meter
  • GPS