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RIV in 500kV Transmission Lines - Eletronorte

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Brazil, January 2012. In northern Brazil at the entrance to Belem 500kV transmission lines are with three parallel phases feed the city. Being the only electricity suppliers to the city makes these OHT lines critical to the normal on going life of more than 2 million citizens. Moreover, these lines are also used as the sole platform for telephone lines hence; they are also responsible for the entire communication of Belen. Usually, when a fault is found on a major component of these lines a shutdown is scheduled in spite of the heavy costs incurred. Shutting down the only electricity supplying channel means, to part of the city's population, having no electricity. According to the Brazilian Electricity Regulatory Agency (ANEEL) a blackout penalty can reach up to 134,000 USD per hour

In a standard predictive maintenance routine while using Ofil's DayCor® Superb corona camera, high intensity corona was detected on a critical coil. This finding matched earlier unresolved complaints of existing communication interferences. No actions were taken at the time to fix those RIV problems because a corona camera was not at hand and the sources could not have been identified.

The company could not afford risking a penalty of 445,000USD per hour due to unexpected shutdown and as soon as the corona was seen the company took immediate actions. The coil was repaired and then re-checked for corona free. RIV complains stopped.


With Ofil's corona camera the company saved:

  • Penalty costs
  • Cost of secondary important components
  • The lifetime of an expensive component was prolonged
  • RIV complaints had stopped
  • Reliability was regained